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Some thoughts on developing the Manweb Areas
Many thanks to Nigel Harrison for sending these to us.

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P Stowell
33kv Network in 1950's
P Stowell
1963 Areas

In 1963 Manweb still had an Area structure, consisting of 4 areas, called, unsurprisingly Area 1, 2, 3, & 4, with a very small Head Office in Pall Mall in Liverpool. I think in 1964, Areas 2 & 3 were merged, and called Area 2/3, housed in a new oblong office in Sealand Road.
Under those Areas there were 18 districts, as shown on the plan.

In 1968, with the building of the new Head Office at Sealand Road with the 3 wings, the Area and Pall Mall staff moved to that new office and the former Area 2/3 Office became the computer block.

P Stowell

Districts were merged or possibly split, to form 10 districts.
Those Districts were:-
01 North Mersey
02 Liverpool
03 Mid Mersey
04 Dee Valley
05 North Wirral
06 Mid-Cheshire
07 Clwyd
08 Gyynedd
09 Oswestry
10 Aberstwyth
There was then the massive job of renumbering all ground and pole mounted substations in the format of District / Km sq / in square / Type.

Type being G, E, blank, or P (Grid, Primary, Secondary, or Pole mounted s/s respectively) e.g. 04/4366/002E.
Prior to that substations had been numbered sequentially, so the s/s number gave no clue where the substation was, which was a bit unhelpful at times.