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The Power behind the Bridge

Various Fiddlers Ferry views and the new Bridge
some will have more than one view
Fiddlers Ferry and Runcorn New Bridge construction 2014 -2017 plus updates to 2020.
Many thanks to Brian Thompson for sending them to us over these many years.

Click on the many copyright photos to enlarge them.
There is a growing collection of the Bridge showing stages of construction progress.

On 31 March 2020 Fiddlers Ferry Closed
SSE announced in February 2016 that it intended to close three of the four units at the plant by 1 April 2016.
However they secured a 12-month contract in April 2016. Then one unit closed in 2019, reducing capacity to 1.51 GW. SSE
And in June 2019 it was announced that the power station would totally close by 31 March 2020 - which it did!

Fiddlers Ferry power station was built by the Cleveland Bridge Company and started into full operation in 1973.
This company was founded in 1877
It was built for the Central Electric Generating Board (CEGB).
There are eight cooling towers arranged in two groups of four located to the north and south of the main building, and a single chimney located to the east of the main building.

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Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry 2019
Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry 2014
Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry 2015
Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry 2016
Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry 2017
Fiddlers Ferry
Fiddlers Ferry April and May 2020
Fiddlers Ferry
Silver Jubilee Bridge
Fiddlers Ferry
2008 view of Fiddlers Ferry Power Station
Fiddlers Ferry
Birds around the airport 2016