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The Ully Koos Archive

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Crewe Area

In Memory of Ully Koos

Crewe Area

"They can all be credited to Ully Koos, who sadly is no longer with us.
However he is actually in the picture sitting at his desk with three ladies behind.
Ully told me he was a german prisoner of war from the 2nd world war who was brought over to a prison camp in UK.
He was released from captivity after the war but his home was in East Germany which was controlled by the Russians so he never went home.
He married an English lady, Joan, settled in the UK and eventually came to work in the stores at Crewe."
Arthur Elson

Click on the above photo to see images Ully had captured in a video presentation.
I have attempted to recover and enhance the images from screen grabs, they are not the best but will bring back memories for some.
Maybe others have original copies they can lend me or scan and send to