Lavrock Bank and Smithdown Road

Power from rubbish - Destructors

We thought a bit of background would not go amiss for those who weren't aware of the history.
From 1867, Liverpool Corporation organised the collection and disposal of refuse.
Up until 1870 disused stone quarries and excavated land were used for the disposal of dry ashpit refuse, (does this sound familiar?). However, by 1890 the amount of refuse being collected had increased and it was decided that the lighter materials could be destroyed in large furnaces. (Have you heard this recently?) The first destructor was installed at the Chisenhale Street Depot. This experiment was successful and more destructors were built. The burning of refuse produced enough energy to generate electricity. The Cleansing department produced the steam from the boilers, and pased it on to the Electricity department, who owned and operated the generation equipment. Engine rooms were built at the destructors in Smithdown Road, Charters Street, Lavrock Bank and Cobb’s Quarry, ( St. Domingo Road) and Garston. The leftover clinker was used to make concrete for the construction of prefabricated housing.
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Lavrock Bank
Lavrock Bank
Smithdown Road 7 March 1905
Smithdown Road 29 April 1905
Lavrock Bank phone box at Crich Tramway Museum
Lavrock Bank Phone Box at Lister Drive
Ray Harrison hiab driver and Paul Glover from admin.
Overnight storage for safe keeping prior to journey to Derbyshire.
Site of one of the first Destructors
Charters Street 1906
Smithdown Road Engine Room 1907
(now second hand furniture store)