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Northwich - two locations first April 1968 38 Witton Street
then later a new store at 6 Town Square opened August 1972
(Please see notes at the bottom.)
These photos are kindly supplied by Julie Clark


Northwich Store Opening August 1972

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I originally had the top right photo as unknown 7 for a couple of years then in February 2016 came this information: -
Iím sure this is a photo of the Showroom in Witton Street, Northwich.
I was an Apprentice, with Albert Perrin (Electrician), we installed the fluorescent fitting, complete with reflector to illuminate the shop sign.
The Firemanís Switch is still visible today, together with the M.I.C.C. supply cable from within the building.
When the Showroom then moved to Market Square, this building became a shop for Donald & Aitchison, it is now a furniture store.
Before moving to Witton Street, in around 1968, the shop used to be on the ground floor of the Area Office at the Lock Street Depot, Northwich.
Regards, John Hitchenson.