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Prescot Shop in 1968 and 1985 with 2018 and 2019 information.

Thanks to Julie Clark for original 1968 photo of Manweb Shop at 37 Eccleston Street and Owen Barton for the 2019 view.

Then I requested Keith Jones if he could merge the two views which he did in Easter week 2019.

Thanks to Keith, now the lady on the right from 50+ years ago is looking at an Easter Sunday notice 2019 in Pinion Restaurant,

Pinion was opened 2018 and had been Julian Swift Carpet Store in 1968.

Thanks to Keith Jones and much more can be found on his work by this link

click on the link :Keith Jones

This project has been ongoing since 2018 when the Communications Team at Knowsley Council asked to use our image from 1968,

as they were currently promoting the restoration of buildings in Prescot as part of the Lottery Funded Townscape Heritage Initiative.

The merged photo highlights the changes over 50 years in Eccleston Street.

Prescot Shops
Pinion Restaurant Prescot - Click this photo for Knowsley News
and the story of 35, 37 and 39 Eccleston Street

Eccleston Street Prescot

For more on Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative information
click on the link :Prescot Redevelopment

Prescot Manweb in 1985 Source: Prescot Historical Society.