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Runcorn Old Town- High Street

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The Manweb Shop in Runcorn Old Town.
"It was the local Depot when I knew it. The overhead cable you can see was taking the phone line over to the garage opposite & former depot".
Thanks for info Doug
and a photo taken 16 April 2014 by Pete a local Historian who also took photo of former Mersey Power Depot opposite, now a garage.
photo taken 16 April 2014 by Pete a local Historian of former Mersey Power Depot - see above green door.

Thanks to Julie Clark for original photo and Peter for the extra photos and the interesting localised adverts.
Last advert is from 1961, so far unsure date of the others.
Known as Roche House High Street when Mersey Power Co. and same name kept when Manweb.

Many thanks to Brian Thompson for these two latest photos of Roche House and former showrooms of MANWEB.
Photos taken on 27 June 2017
The former garage was later used as a family Funeral Directors Offices Mears and Jackson and more recently they expanded to use the former MANWEB Showroom as their Head Office.
Also Brian has provided most of the photos on our site since 2014 of the progress of the new Runcorn Bridge near Fiddlers Ferry.
Click Link below to see them.