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The Mersey Gateway Bridge

This set of photos thanks to Peter Ogden

3 Aug 2017
Views Mainly from Spike Island.
Had a short visit to Spike to see how things are progressing. The Tower crane on the North side has been partly lowered and according to the Weekly news will be taken down by the weekend then the same will apply to the Tower crane on the South side the following week. The scaffolding and lift have also been removed from the North tower, the support which was under the bridge by the North Tower has also been lowered ready to be dismantled. Also noted were some vehicles going backwards and forwards under the Gantry, a car plus a van also a heavier vehicle and a HGV wagon - apparently the cameras were being calibrated ready for the opening.
Plenty of Tarmac trucks were seen on the bridge and seemed to be quite far over towards the North Tower.
The extension machine on the Runcorn side appears to have finished. Here are just a couple of photos from the visit

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Fiddlers ferry
3 August 2017
Fiddlers ferry
3 August 2017